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Have you ever moved a mattress? You need to know the distinction in between a mattress in a box and a traditional bed. The extra weight makes individuals wish to forego the heavy beds and look for something lightweight that can be compressed into a single box effortlessly. Well, you need to understand that such compression can just be done at the factory. Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

Idle Sleep Customer Service Number


If you are planning to move, you can’t fold your mattress into a compact box. Nevertheless, depending on the kind of mattress it will be light-weight and simple to move from one indicate the other. Remember, not all beds you buy online will be compressed. Some are full-sized plans however they are less cumbersome compared to a traditional bed.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

Weight isn’t the only difference to think about. Naturally, boxed mattresses likewise have their own disadvantages. Here’s what you require to know about the benefits and drawbacks of buying a bed in a box compared to using a traditional mattress. Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

The Pros Of A Bed In A Box Mattress Online

Here are a few of the recognized pros of purchasing a bed in a box mattress online.

1. Economical.

These products are more affordable than what you can discover in a regular mattress shop. Because they are offering directly to the consumer, they can eliminate the intermediaries (retailers). As such, they don’t need to think about the earnings margin for the merchant, staff or showrooms.

For instance, if a medium quality mattress costs about $400 to make. The mail-order mattress company can offer the exact same mattress at $1000 and still make a big profit. Of course, this consists of shipping and return policies. Nevertheless, if the mattress is sold to a merchant before you buy it, then they can sell it at $700 or $800. That’s due to the fact that they are selling it wholesale so they can use a lesser cost.

Keep in mind, the retailer has to make a profit from the sale of the mattress. As such, they are likely going to double or triple the rate. When you stroll into a shop, you may purchase the very same item for $1400 or $3200 on the high-end. Normally, purchasing from the producer straight will be less expensive and more economical.

2. Easy Shipment.

Purchasing a bed online makes it simpler to deliver to your home considering that the seller manages the delivery charge as part of the expense. Keep in mind, if you purchase from a retailer, you will be charged exorbitantly to get the mattress to your house. If you don’t want to pay for that, you will need to go through a lot of inconveniences to get it to your house.

3. Convenience And Comparison Shopping.

Purchasing a bed online provides you the possibility to compare rates and provides too much convenience. You do not need to drive around with an annoying sales representative trying to get you to purchase something you do not desire so they can make a substantial commission from your purchase. Even much better, you do not need to rest in every mattress in the shop to get the one you want.

It’s simple to read evaluations online, compare costs, examine the materials and building of various brand names. Even better, you can do it from the convenience of your home or going on your daily activities with no disturbances.

Are There Any Cons To Purchasing A Mattress Online?

1. No Trial Before Purchase.

Many people avoid purchasing mattresses online because they can’t attempt them out prior to buying anything. Remember, you spent at least a third of your life sleeping so you require to choose the best mattress for your sleeping needs. It’s intimidating sleeping on a bed that has actually cost you a great deal of money yet it’s uneasy. You will toss and turn all night feeling the financial loss.

Some brands have partnered with Airbnbs to test out their mattresses while others have display rooms. However, for the majority of brands that you select to buy online, you will not be able to evaluate the mattress prior to buying. Fortunately, the majority of these mattress business have generous trial periods. Depending on the brand name you can choose to attempt the mattress for an established period such as 3 months or a year. If you do not like the mattress, you can request a refund.

Most of these bed mattress are developed to last between 7 to ten years. Nevertheless, many brands have extended service warranty periods with some offering lifetime service warranties.


Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

Buyer’s Guide- Bed In A Box.

1. Memory Foam.

The most typical and cost effective options are memory foam mattresses. It refers to the cushiony material inside the mattress designed to conform to your body regardless of the shape. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, you will feel like you are getting a soft and gentle hug whenever.

Memory foam mattresses are the most comfortable for different kinds of sleepers. That’s since they are very comfortable and conform to your body so they are much better than the conventional innerspring mattresses. When it comes to memory foam bed mattress, there is a wide variety of quality and price in the market.

The cheapest and most expensive bed mattress in the market are constructed out of memory foam. Of course, the distinctions can be found in when you check the kind of foam utilized, the density, nation of manufacture, non-toxic accreditations or if there are any ingredients like copper or gel.

2. Polyurethane Foam.

It is significantly various from memory foam, latex and spring mattresses. Polyurethane foam includes a fast response time along with plenty of assistance for you as you sleep but these functions differ with the density. Different bed-in-a-box brand names depend on differing densities of the foam to guarantee assistance for the layers.

Sometimes, the material is infused with gel to allow the bed to remain cool. Polyurethane foam is available in different types of firmness but various brands combine it with other products such as memory foam or latex to increase the levels of comfort.

3. Latex.

Similar to memory foam, latex is a contouring material. However, you do not sink into it slowly compared to memory foam. It also includes some bounce so it’s perfect for sexually active couples. There are 2 kinds of latex for mattresses.

• Natural– It is eliminated from the sap of a rubber tree. It is pricey but durable.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

• Artificial– It is normally petroleum-based.

If you are on a budget plan and wanting to purchase a latex mattress, you ought to try to find one with a mix of both natural and artificial latex.

4. Hybrid.

Hybrid mattresses are a mix of latex or foam plus innerspring coils. The base of the bed is made up of coils and the leading layers are made out of various kinds of foam to make sure assistance and proper cushioning.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

Hybrid mattresses are thought about a little pricey. Nevertheless, they are a terrific option for individuals who still love innerspring mattresses.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

5. Cooling And Airflow.

You need a bed that keeps you cool as you sleep throughout the year. When you drop off to sleep your body temperature level lowers as you deal with heat. If you are sleeping on a mattress that is a heat trap you are likely going to end up being hot and uneasy.

Standard memory foam is understood for being a heat trap. If you are thinking of purchasing a memory foam mattress and you have problems with getting too hot, you require to find one with cooling homes. You require to try to find something with infusions of copper or gel to perform heat and remove it from your body. You might also buy something that has an open cell building to improve breathability and appropriate airflow.

You can also pick a various kind of material like the ones mentioned above. For example, latex and hybrid bed mattress enable you to sleep cooler. Nevertheless, if you sleep hot, you require to focus on the leading layer of the bed and what it’s made out of so you can pick something that can keep you cool at night.

6. Cost And Worth.

When you patronize a physical store, you can’t choose the price and quality of a mattress. Their rates primarily depend on offers in between the maker and merchant. It might likewise be what they require to move fast or what they want to keep around for longer. Generally, there is no openness when you are looking for a mattress at a physical shop.

However, when purchasing one online, you can evaluate what you are buying depending upon the price. The most pricey brands rely on the very best materials and utilize the most natural substances instead of artificial ones. They also have higher density rankings. Bed mattress being sold for $600 generally perform well compared to those in physical stores.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

If you discover a queen bed going for $500 and less, you require to do your research study so you can prevent sagging after a year. If you are seeking to buy hybrid bed mattress, you must expect to pay more given that they have a sophisticated construction and a blend of premium products.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

7. Company Credibility And Assistance.

When buying a mattress online you will not have the ability to go to a display room or consult with an agent. If the company has a showroom and you live close to it, you can check it out. However, in most cases, you require to consider the company’s online credibility by checking their site and social networks. You need to be able to recognize whether they are respectable and produce quality mattresses.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

Thankfully, you can read online reviews from confirmed buyers prior to purchasing a mattress online. Check out the FAQ page on the business’s website to recognize the return policies if you buy something you don’t like. Business with prolonged and flexible warranties suggest premium products.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

A company that backs their product for a lifetime warranty is more credible than one that only backs their items for a year. Constantly read the fine print to find out what the policy says to fulfill the market standards.

What You Need To Know Prior To Purchasing.

1. The Case Against Purchasing A Low-cost Model.

If you are purchasing a mattress and the deal sounds too excellent to be true, it probably is. You might discover something going for a few hundred bucks and be lured to purchase. When trying to find a mattress online, most of the products look quite comparable. You will encounter various buzzwords repeatedly.

Nevertheless, there are things you need to keep an eye out for. A mattress being cost $200 has actually cheaper materials compared to one opting for $600, $1000 or higher. Bear in mind that an inexpensively built mattress will start sagging with time. Also, these low-cost materials are quite harmful, particularly foam materials.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

If you encounter a mattress that is comparable to another pricey brand name, you require to look better. For example, check the safety certifications on the products, the guarantee policy and examine the shipping charges. You might be drawn to the website because of the budget-friendly rates however the shipment charges will be huge. In some cases, getting a more affordable mattress is perfect, specifically for a guest room.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

2. Avoid Memory Foam If You Sleep Hot.

As mentioned above, some products make your temperature up when sleeping during the night. If you get too hot during the night, you need to be cautious when purchasing memory foam mattresses. The cheaper products depend on pure memory foam that traps your body heat. As such, sleeping on these mattresses can be quite uneasy.

Rather, you need to pick a latex or a hybrid mattress. On the other hand, innerspring allows appropriate air circulation thereby making it cool to sleep on throughout the night conveniently. Obviously, you can’t memory foam mattresses completely because of the absence of temperature level control. If you need to have a memory foam mattress, you should pick something that features a breathable style, copper or gel infusions that eliminate the heat far from your body.

3. Inspect The Service Warranty Policies Thoroughly.

When buying a new mattress, you require to inspect the warranty policies thoroughly. Brand names with the best items have long service warranty periods. You will encounter warranties going for as long as ten years or a life time depending on the brand name. Obviously, there are more things to think about besides the length of the guarantee.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

You need to inspect what can be consisted of in the warranty claim. For instance, the small print must determine just how much sag your mattress ought to have prior to you can make a warranty claim. The claim needs to mention something like an indentation which can be about 0.75 to 1.5 inchesIdle Sleep Customer Service Number


If the number is lower, the policy is perfect for you. That’s because by the time your bed droops by an inch and a half, you might be too unpleasant. Remember that a 1.5-inch sag might indicate that the middle part of your body is sinking into a pit. It indicates that your body’s positioning is completely thrown off.


Conclusion Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

It might appear a little odd to buy something online without trying it out. Nevertheless, it also feels odd strolling into a display room and resting on a bed while completely outfitted. Even even worse, the fluorescent lights are bearing down on you as the bothersome salesperson keeps asking annoying concerns so you can purchase their mattress of choice and get a commission.Idle Sleep Customer Service Number

With there being numerous mattress companies in the market, you can discover the best quality, costs and a lot more functions of the best mattress for your sleeping requirements. Make the most of this hassle-free shopping to get the mattress of your dreams!